About the President:

The president Mr. P. Samuel is a social worker, who is concerned on the betterment of the poor and needy as it is his childhood vision. He is experienced in the service having been trained by his grandparents. He believes and works forward with the greater hope that a day would soon come, when there is no class distinction of rich and poor. He is dedicated to deliver excellent programs with complete integrity.

The governing body meeting of the trust are held periodically at its office premises to review the present projects and plan for the future projects.

Board of Members:

The board of GSCT comprises of selfless intellectuals who assist the President and the governing body to carry out the aims and the projects of the trust.

Members of the Trust:

Mr. P. Samuel
Founder and President
Mrs. S. Esther Annie Sheela
Mr. L. Daniel Ebenezer
Mr. D. Joshua Amirtharaj
Mr. G. Jaikumar

Conferences & Seminars:

Periodically committee meetings were conducted & also orientation programmes for team builders were being conducted once in 3 months on different topics like community education, health care & non-violence. Two such programmes were conducted and ten team builders & ten active members were trained. They are appointed in different places to carry out various social works.