• In continuation of the last year activity we have started  Free Evening Tuition centres in other places also. On an average  50 poor students are benefitting from the scheme. Tuition centre teacher though works voluntarily are being paid Rs.750/- for incidental expenses as minimum salary. Accordingly the Free tuition centers are set up in the following places.
    1. Meppedu, Tiruvellore District.
    2. Ayymancherry, Sungavachatram
    3. Thellimedu, Singaperumal Koil
    4. Kurumbarai, Salavakkam
    5. Vadalur, Neyveli
    6. Rasipuram, Salem.
    7. Chengee
    8. Muthukulathoor
    9. T.Nagar
    10. Thedir Nagar, Saidapet.
    11. Kumbakonam -2 places
  • For Christmas we have decided to help the already registered children on adoption only since expectations from the support parents have to be fulfilled. We will disburse cash aid , sweets, food etc.
  • At present we have selected 55 deserving children who are  mostly orphans, semi orphans and some very poor even though they have parents and the Trust takes care of educational expenses, healthcare, dress materials, gifts for proficiency in studies etc . The selected children are spread all over Tamil Nadu . The selected children remain with the parents but we help them through distance adoption.
  • Apart from deserving children we are also giving importance to deserving cases who submit their application for educational aid on case to case basis but we would like to concentrate more on regular adopted children.
  • We have appointed team builders at 20 different places in Tamil Nadu to carry out various social work.
  • Orientation programme for Team Builders are being conducted once in 6 months on different topics like community education, health care, workshop on Non Violence. Two such programmes were conducted .One in Kodaikanal and another in Ramnad district at Muthukulathoor.
  • Orientation programme for children was conducted once to get to know their requirements and other welfare measures.
  • Bedsheets and school bags were distributed to selected children.
  • Stationeries, plastic buckets, chappals, uniforms were distributed.
  • Donors and their representatives visited India and had the opportunity to stay in different places where our activies are going on. We helped with stay and accommodation in case of volunteers.
  • Educational assistance scheme was conducted in 15 different places and volunteers and representatives of donors took part in it. 500 children benefitted.Various team builders were involved in the project.
  • We have photos taken during all the activities and post some of the photos in our website. More over we have many photos (hard copies)


The activities of the trust has brought relief & redemption for the poor.

Educational Support:

Children deprived of parental care are supported under these criteria. We have selected around 60 such deserving children and take care of their educational expenses.

1. Distance adopted students are paid for school or college fees, tuition fees, tour fees, examination fees and other fees required by the institution.

2. They are supplied with 2 set of uniforms, school bags, stationeries provided.

3. Students are provided beds[reads, towels & tiffin boxes.

4. We give medical “Aid” & give health drink like complan, horlicks for deserving children.

Educational Assistance:

We have started free evening tuition centers in which atleast 50 poor students are benefited. Tustin center teachers though work voluntarily, we pay Rs. 750/- p.m. for their incidental expenses as minimum salary. Three tuition’s centers are set up in the few remote areas.

Community Development:

The people suffering from social problems were supported by the trust. Those affected were given guidance care & emotional support. We distribute new dresses and special food for 50 children during festivals and also conduct competitive programmes to develop physical and mental health. Nearly 150 children from 10 villages were benefited.


  • We are about to establish a good schools in the suburban areas.
  • We are planning to establish many
    • More orphanages.
    • Home for aged.
    • Widows homes.
    • Home for Physically disabled.
    • Home for Lunatic asylums.
    • Home for poor and needy.
    • Hospitals.
    • Boarding houses for the poor.
  • We are about to establish and financially support in running
    • Libraries.
    • Technical training’s for women like Tailoring, Typing and Computer Coaching Centers.
    • Vocational Institutions like Instrumental Classes and other curricular activities to encourage art and culture.
  • We are about to encourage, help and give financial assistance for conducting welfare services and other social works concerning health, education and other awareness programmes.
  • We are planning to promote, organize, establish and support to any individual, institution, society, organization to propagate the faith of GOD.