Project Proposal Of Good Samaritan Children’s Home In Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan:

Child Development Project Proposal of Good Samaritan Children’s Home.

Introduction of the Bhil People Group:
The multi-diverse culture of India is home to more than 580 people groups. Bhils, the second most populous, inhabit Dahod, Jhabua and Banswara, the bordering districts of Gujarat, MP and Rajasthan. A sword and a bow – arrow is every family’s indispensable inherent asset. Using these for looting, plundering and fighting is not considered unethical.

Maize and urad dhal is their staple food; cultivation for which depends solely on the monsoon rains. They brew liquor at home from ‘mouha’, a wild flower that is available in this region. Intoxicating themselves by drinking this, they dance even right through the whole night as a family! Due to this, robbing, killing and adultery has become their lifestyle, deteriorating their educational and socio-economic condition! Worse more, the literacy level of this region in well below 7%

Description of the Need:
We have planned to work among the children of The Bhil adivasi people group who has occupy the bordering districts of Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan. Being backward geographically and demographically, the literacy level of this region is below 7%. Most of the villages are not connected by way of electricity, transportation, water.

The mortality rate of the region is also deplorable; UN-WHO has released alarming statistics stating Jhabua district as the highest in infant mortality in Asia! Lack of proper child care and nutritious food is the pivotal reasons for this death.

With no source of income other than maize and cotton cultivation dependant on monsoons alone, the Bhil parents force their children to involve in manual labor work, and immigrate to urban centers for construction and other menial work.

Girls considered as burdens are married as early as even 15 years! Some are even sold for minting money.

Education is a far-fetched concept for the Bhils. This ignorance has shaped the children to involve in stealing, looting, robbery, killing, drunkenness, and other associated crimes.

Aim of the Project:

The Orphanage Project’s aim is to bring holistic transformation in the lives of the Bhil adivasi children, Our goal is to provide these children a clean, safe, and nurturing environment love and hope they need. But we do not want to stop there. The vision of the orphanage is to one day have a self-sustaining community consisting of a children’s home, orphanage, school, training centre, women’s shelter, elderly persons home, hospital, library and other facilities that help a community to succeed.

Objectives of the Projects:

  • To providing them Physical care, Spiritual care, Cognitive care & Community care.
  • To develop the children’s home and provide accommodation food, clothes, valid education and medical assistance to the orphans and poor children.
  • To build moral character in them through introducing spiritual teaching & practicing.

Beneficiaries of the Project:
100 poor children, orphans and destitute wondering homeless and parentless and also children forced by the parents to involve in manual labor work, and immigrate to urban centers for construction and other menial work for their livelihood will be benefitted.

Project Statement:

  • Name of the Project:   GOOD SAMARITAN CHIDREN’S HOME
  • Nature of the Project: CHILDREN’S HOME for 200 Children.
  • Number of Projects :     2
  • Number of Staff and

Description:   5 staffs (Male Warden -1. Female Warden-1. Cook-1.  Helper-1. Administration Staff -1. Location Beneficiaries Amount Estimated
( INR )
Amount estimated (SEK)
1 Hari Nagar,
Madhya Pradesh
Bhil Adivasi children
Rs 1,00,000pm 12,032.00  
2 Kumpura,
Bhil Adivasi Children
Rs 1,00,000pm 12,032.00
    Total Rs 2,00,000 24,064.00 SEK

Project Financial Estimation:

Description: Calculated Rs 1000 per child which includes nutritious food, educational, administrative and other expenses too.

Project Administration & Reporting:

The President of the board and the project coordinator will monitor the evaluation assisted by other workers. They will carry out daily operations and administration of the project. Comprehensive reports on financial and other progressive events will be sent to the donating organization regularly.

Expected Outcomes:

       The total transformation of the child and society

  • good health practices and will be physically healthy
  • Experiences reduced incidence of illness, nutritional deficiencies and physical impediments
  • 100% of girls, boys and mothers/caregivers practice personal hygiene and personal safety
  • Will build moral character in them through introducing spiritual teaching & practicing.
  • Exhibits the motivation and skills to be economically self-supporting
  • Will cultivate unique vocational interests and intelligence
  • Do well in Academic initiatives
  • Educated Children will educate the village in health awareness & social awareness
  • Bring transformation in their financial crises through providing good education and job placements.

The Vision for 2022 is to educate 10000 children. We need more like minded sponsors to support these projects. Through the projects we could see a tremendous transformation in the next generation as well the whole society.